Album Review: Odious Mortem – Synesthesia

It was 2007 that saw the release of Cryptic Implosion – Odious Mortem’s second album, and the last we heard from them in almost twelve years. I can’t compare to the older recording, but I think it’s safe to say that Synesthesia was worth the wait… if you like proper old-school death metal.

The whole album is face-shreddingly brutal. Not too fast, not too slow and just the right level of technical. The production is fairly basic, but not so much as to sound cheap or “recorded in uncle Stan’s garage”. The solos flurry (such as the quality one halfway through “Condemnation Foretold”) with the twin guitars providing a dual-layered approach. The guest guitar solos on this track are performed by Cary Geare, and it’s nice to see former member David Siskin being properly credited for his input on the album as well.

Track after track, the songs flow into each other like a never-ending barrage of violence. The only breaks are those little half-second ones that give your ears just enough time to start ringing before the whole band start pounding their instruments again.

Don’t expect anything innovative or groundbreaking (other than that caused by the bass trashing the foundations in your house) and you won’t be disappointed. This is as raw and simple as death metal gets, and it’s all the better for it.

Synesthesia is out on January 17th 2020 (available from Amazon [sponsored link] and elsewhere)

Odious Mortem: facebook | instagram | bandcamp

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