EP Review: Goat Terror – Unholy March

Hitting you – with the force of a sledgehammer wielded by Satan himself – on November 15th is a little shiny plastic disc. Etched into its surface is some of the heaviest shit I’ve heard in a while and it’s wonderful. This 7″ EP must be as dense as the centre of a collapsed supernova to achieve this level of heaviness.

Goat Terror hail from Belarus and specialise in black / death / war metal. Essentially, that’s skull-crushing loud stuff that readers of this site will undoubtedly love. Feel free to check out a track over on Blessed Altar Zine, who premiered “World, Sacrificed to Satan” the other day. All three tracks are along these lines. Deep, growled vocals; unrelenting drums; buzzsaw guitars; and that overwhelming feeling that something really bad is going to happen to someone innocent every time you listen to it. Which explains the giggle when you tap “repeat” and circle back to the start again, you evil bastard.

The unholy EP features artwork by Warhead Art (Diocletian etc), and officially drops on Friday November 15 on a limited white 7” vinyl from Sentient Ruin (vinyl test pressing and digital releases via the same link) and on cassette tape from Unpure Records.

The limited edition vinyl 7″ released by Sentient Ruin, will come in only 200 units all pressed to white vinyl and housed in a custom white cover + insert both silkscreened with a custom made dark metallic graphite ink, and including a download card.

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