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GIK Acoustics - Europe
GIK Acoustics - Europe
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Album Review: Relinquished – Addictivities (Part 1)

Featuring two vocalists, Austria’s Relinquished throw many of the darker brands of metal (death, extreme, black) into a pot and sprinkle in some progressive influences for variety. The result is very interesting, and strangely listenable.

Typically for the genres they’ve utilised, the material is somewhat downbeat so don’t expect to finish a listen with a smile on your face… “Expectations” tells of an almost dead relationship, “Syringe” on the process of healing from the viewpoint of an addict, “Zero” detailing life’s low points… it’s not cheerful stuff, but it suits the music perfectly. The rhythm guitar and bass drone nicely in each track with the drums predominantly carrying the timing. Lead guitars are flourishes here and there rather than trying to steal the limelight. This honour generally goes to the vocals in each song, and this makes sense in what it in essence a concept album. Without the lyrics, how do you tie everything together?

The blend of sounds and genres on here is well balanced, with the black metal atmospherics cosying up well to the faster material, and the two vocal tones (harsh and clean, as you’d expect) pairing perfectly. A few of the tracks are pretty lengthy including opener “Expectations” and the near nine-minute “Avalanche of Impressions”, but they don’t drag. Taken as a piece of music, rather than a song, they use their time to tell their individual stories at the pace each deserves.

Well written, well performed and well produced, Addictivities (Part 1) should satiate the darker parts of your heart. It’s great background music and, with the right stage show, I can see it being pretty damn good live too.

Relinquished: official | facebook

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