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Album Review: Mass Worship – Mass Worship

Mass Worship are a comparatively new band hailing from the fine land of Sweden. With the country being a breeding ground for death metal and being signed to Century media after only existing for such a short time, one could argue that the band has a lot to prove.

Right from the first few seconds of opening track “Celestial” it is clear that the band means business. With a short drum fill opening, a guitar slide then summons utter death with an overall structure akin to a nuclear bomb going off. As if that’s not enough, the band then slow things down towards the end to ensure that they’ve quite literally eviscerated you. This is one song that will set the pits on fire.

Continuing the album, “Spiritual Destitution” and “Sibyline Divination” continue the auditory assault on the senses with march-like rhythms and dissonant harmonies providing the backdrop to depravity. “Serene Remains” then throws a curve ball, opening with clean guitars taking a backseat whilst the bass brings the melody before once again bringing death. A rather nice and excellent fitting guitar solo enters proceedings and further cements the track’s status as one of the best on the album.

“Below” and “Proleptic Decay” follow on with both taking a rather different approach. Whilst the former favours the slower march-style approach of earlier songs, the latter has a much more elevated approach with the double bass patterns being akin to a helicopters blades spinning. This track is another that will again set the pits ablaze in a live set. The next track, and bassist Dadde’s current favourite, “Dreamless Graves”, again takes another different approach. Dual guitar harmonies sit next to slow, doom-filled riffs conjured from the darkest depths and make the track one that is difficult not to headbang along to. With one of the heaviest breakdowns on the record and all of the afore-mentioned content, it is easy to see why it’s Dadde’s current favourite.

Ending the album, “Downpour” almost sounds like “Spiritual Destitution” once again but there’s just enough difference to help differentiate it from the earlier track. Admittedly, this track would have fitted better after the previously mentioned song but it still ends the album rather nicely.

Despite the band being relatively new, they have been able to create one of the heaviest and most unique records this year. In creating this record,  Mass Worship have clearly found their unique sound and are poised ready to bring it to the masses. This is a record that demands your attention, grabs you by the throat and then proceeds to not let go until all is said and done.

Mass Worship is released on 25th October

Mass Worship: facebook | bandcamp

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