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Album Review: Destruction – Born to Perish

Two decades since their return to form following the “Neo” years, Teutonic thrash terrors Destruction have been churning out a largely consistent thrash attack. The latest album, Born to Perish, marks the return to a 4-person band with the addition of guitarist Damir Eskic. Recently added drummer Randy Black also makes his studio debut with Destruction on their 15th LP. Having seen the two slay the stage alongside founders Schmier and Mike Sifringer earlier this year, the band were firing on all cylinders. Born to Perish is sure to translate some of that intense energy onto disc.

The opening title track does just that. “Born to Perish” sets the tone with its storming riffs and relentless pace before the choppy chugging mid-section gets the head banging. Follow-ups “Inspired by Death” and video-spawning “Betrayal” continue the trend of high energy catchy thrashing. Eskic and Sifringer work awesomely as a duo, proving Destruction can kill as a three-piece or with two guitars, adding harmonic flavours and ripping solos throughout the album. Black also destroys on the kit, with the rumbling rolls on the latter number being one of his standout moments.

The earworm riffing continues with “Rotten” and the bluesy chromatics of “Filthy Wealth”. A significant change of pace comes at the halfway point of Born to Perish with the mysterious-sounding arpeggios in “Butchered for Life”. The tension increases with added 6/4 moments before building to heavier riffing and ending at a moderate headbanging pace. The closing stretch of the album is a series of back to back raging thrashers, with “Fatal Flight 17” being a standout. Its reflection on the Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 disaster soundtracked by a touch of melody and half-time feel verses among the hooky thrashing is particularly memorable.

Overall Born to Perish is an energetic and insanely catchy record. There’s riffs from every song that stick in the banging head and the band’s performance is on point. Destruction’s consistency in releasing solid albums continues with the latest effort. It’s been about 30 years since the band were last a 4-piece, and Born to Perish gives vibes of classics like Release From Agony while remaining true to the band’s modern sound. It’s exciting to see where Destruction head next, and they’re sure to kill it with the new songs on the upcoming tours.

Born to Perish is available now via Nuclear Blast.

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