Album Review: NorthTale – Welcome to Paradise

Again catching up with releases which came out during festival season, I didn’t want to let this one pass by. Led by guitarist Bill Hudson (Udo Dirkschneider / Trans-Siberian Orchestra), vocalist Christian Eriksson (Twilight Force) and drummer Patrick Johansson (Yngwie Malmsteen), they added Mikael Planefeldt (Streamline) on bass and keyboardist Jimmy Pitts (The Fractured Dimension / Equipoise / Eternity’s End) to create this powerhouse of power metal.

Given the histories of the band members, there will be no surprise at the ridiculously fast guitars, grand keys and high-pitched vocals throughout. The frenetic drums and pounding bass line drive everything forward at breakneck pace. The opener, title track “Welcome to Paradise” is let loose from the gates like a greyhound on speed and the album never really lets up from this point onwards.

A quick look at the track titles throws up “If Angels Are Real”. That’s got to be a ballad, right? Nope. It shreds from start to end. The slower number are “Way of the Light” (powerful, harmonic stuff) and closer “Even When” which is a lovely acoustic number which grows into something huge and orchestral. Slightly more bouncy than hurtling along are “The Rhythm of Life” and “Everyone’s a Star”, but they’re still singalong headbangers.

The band aimed to create something that “would bring back the amazing golden years of power metal”. Verdict? Success.

Welcome to Paradise is out now

NorthTale: facebook | instagram | bigcartel

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