Album Review: Lagerstein – 25/7

Pirate metal has become a bit of a “thing” in recent years, and Lagerstein are one of the biggest up-and-comers. They’ve managed it through hard graft and, as of their appearance at Wacken, they still had 55 dates across Europe to go before returning home. Thankfully, they can back up this hard work with some great music and an incredible live show.

They’ve already unleashed a few songs from 25/7 as singles and on stage, and it’s “more of the same” from the Antipodean ale-swillers. This, however, is no bad thing when this is good quality, fun, balls out rock with a generous dollop of humour.

25/7 doesn’t stray from the band’s usual choice of material – it’s basically almost 100% about drinking, partying, drinking, being a pirate, drinking, sailing, drinking and shoes. Which you drink out of. “Shoey Song” has already been released with a video and features many fans imbibing liquor from footwear. If this makes no sense then you’ve never been to one of the live shows, something which you need to sort ASAP (tour dates below).

I think the big difference between Lagerstein and other pirate metal acts, say Alestorm, is that they back up all the drinking songs with actual drinking. I hear tell that they cut swathes through other touring bands with their magically impervious livers. Despite their ridiculous consumption of fermented beverages, it doesn’t affect their ability to chuck out a lively show and there isn’t a song on 25/7 that wouldn’t deserve a place in their set list. It’s a great album to listen to at home, but these are rowdy, singalong party songs. You want to be chanting them along with your best mates with a glass (or boot) raised in the air.

Even the little oddball tracks are superb – “Pina Colada Paradise” has the band fling in a reggae feel and it’s an absolute delight. That’s your summer right here, especially the use of the word “treeses”. Who cares if you can’t find a rhyme? Make one up! Hell, I even think this could be my favourite track on the album. And I don’t even like Pina Colada!

“Wench My Thirst” gives more than a nod to the sleazier side of Motley Crue and bands of the ilk, “The Wild West” is huge and brash and epic, “25 Hours” involves compulsory dancing, and they wrap up the album with a cover of the best Australian song of all time ever, “Down Under”.

In short, it’s a cracking listen and bodes well for their continued piratical voyages!

25/7 is out on August 23rd. Live dates:

  • 17/09 London, The Macbeth of Hoxton
  • 18/09 Bristol, The Gryphon
  • 19/09 Cardiff, Fuel
  • 20/09 Manchester, Rebellion
  • 21/09 Glasgow, Audio
  • 22/09 Newcastle, Trillians
  • 23/09 Sheffield, The Mulberry Tavern
  • 24/09 Swansea, The Bunkhouse
  • 25/09 Reading, Face Bar
  • 26/09 Plymouth, The Junction
  • 27/09 Bridgewater, The Cobblestones
  • 29/09 Birmingham, The Flapper

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