Album Review: Majesty – Legends

Nine albums in, and yet a band I’ve only recently heard of, Majesty have just released Legends – a conceptualised piece evoking images of a post-apocalyptic world and the denizens therein. They do this with typical Germanic metal-ness – big, brash and balls out.

After a bit of scene-setting spoken word, we’re thrust right into the mix with “Rizing Home” which straight-on pummels with fast-paced drums and a great intro riff. Keyboards add depth and the choral backing vocals give the impression that this isn’t so much an album as a musical… and what a way to kick it off. “Burn the Bridges” (see below for the video) is similarly unrelenting, but Majesty show their other side with the next song, “We Are Legends”.

Slower, heavier but no less catchy or enjoyable the title makes you think they could be a tad egotistical but listening to the lyrics it seems to be more a sideways reference to Richard Matheson’s novel. Definitely more of an anthem compared to the first two songs.

The epic styles continue with “Wasteland Outlaw”, so many layers to the sound making this a very powerful track indeed. By this point, Majesty have nailed their style into your mind so you what to expect from them, but the quality they’ve maintained through the whole album is impressive.

With fist-pumpers like “Church of Glory”, headbangers like “Last Brigade”, cheesy lyrics (but who cares?) in “Mavericks Supreme” and even a ballad with “Words of Silence” there’s a bit of everything here for fans of grand, epic, fun heavy metal.

And I think that’s what sells this album to me – “fun”. It’s just the right amount of “over the top” and I can just see Majesty being great on stage, too.

Majesty: official | facebook | twitter | instagram

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