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EP Review: Plastic – Drink Sensibly

I couldn’t get enough of Plastic’s first LP Here, There Is No Gravity , nor could I wait to see where the band were headed next. So after a few line up changes and without further ado, this year’s EP Drink sensibly has been self released and it does not disappoint!

This three track, blinding EP just reinforces that there’s something pretty special about this humble, four piece grunge band from the Midlands. Speaking to Matty about the influence behind the new songs he states:

Life really. They just seem to be about being in a bit of a mess! I think it’s quite joyous sounding, it vaguely nods in the direction we’re going in.

When opening line of first track “Munchies” kicks in over a wall of rabid drumming and distorted guitars: “Oh shit, I’m stoned and getting bored but the drugs will never fix me” you know you’re in for an abrasive, uncomfortable ride. The punkest number on the record, it’s a scathing, guitar driven exhilarating track that sees Matty go from desperate vocals to frenzied, manic screams.

“Lovesick”, in contrast, has a more melodic, shoegaze feel. Still very grunge-driven, think Evan Dando (The Lemonheads) as Nirvana’s front man and you’re almost there. Sublime vocals and an infectious chorus, it has you singing along in no time.

Closer “Spit” for me hones in on all of the above and really highlights the band’s musicianship and punk energy. An easy comparisons here would been Green Day, with its chugging riffs, but Matty’s visceral screams sets it apart from the many bands out there, giving them a distinct stamp in the market.

Drink Sensibly is out now!

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