Album Review: Till the Fall – The Seventh Circle

Till the Fall have featured in Moshville Times of late with their most recent single “Le Cirque Des Damnés” and an interview with Cal Whittaker informing us that their debut album The Seventh Circle would be released in April. Exciting times are ahead for this sextet from Crewe as they have had some tough times getting to this stage. They have put all their blood, sweat and tears into this album and all they want to do now is get it out there and perform it in the live environment. Well, there is certainly enough hard rock in the vein of Mötley Crüe, Alice Cooper and Iron Maiden in there but with most of the band having vocal duties, harmonicas and synths, Till the Fall definitely do add something different to the mix. Let me tell you how…

Opening with a scary intro, “The Beast Inside” needs to set the atmosphere ensure the listener wants to carry on listening to the whole album and this track certainly does that. There is so much to this song, from the exquisite guitar solos that gives Helloween a run for their money to the vocals from Cal Whittaker who changes vocal styles in a heartbeat. There is an old school metal vibe going on and it’s for fans that may be of a particularly older generation but there is definitely enough here for the younger generation to sink their teeth into also.

One of the highlights of the album is the track “Romancing the Devil” which starts off like pre-Number of the Beast Iron Maiden with its acoustic intro building to solos from three guitarists (what other band has three guitarists… oh wait) and down-tuned guitar riffs. With a few growls in their from one of their many vocalists, this has to be my favourite. Till the Fall like to build an eerie atmosphere within their tracks with for example “The Debt” having Cal half singing and half narrating the lyrics over acoustic guitars before leading us into their debut single “Le Cirque Des Damnés”.

Starting off with a drum solo and melodic guitar intro, I immediately have a Mötley Crüe and early Iron Maiden type feel before vocalist Cal comes in with his high pitched screams that are not far away from Vince Neil but also have the hint of Bruce Dickinson. There is quite a catchy groove in their riffs and, while not being Pantera in their heaviness, there is certainly enough to get people moving in the live front. There is a likeness to Iron Maiden’s “Two Minutes to Midnight” here and there but Till The Fall add their own hard rock and with the majority of the band all sharing vocal duties, they do add something different. I love a band having more than one vocalist as it adds so much diversity to the songs and this no exception with a segment towards the end that on first take sounded like latter day Jeff Walker from Carcass.

Till the Fall love to keep you guessing as to what they do next with the thrashy type song “Down in Flames”, solos throughout and singalong choruses will be sure to get punters singing along. They also like to have a ballad now and again with beautiful acoustics and Cal’s reaching new highs throughout his vast vocal range. When the guitars and drums kick, there is a Skid Row “Eighteen and Life” feel to it which is always a good thing. Special mention though must go to closing track “Wither and Burn” which starts off with an Iron Maiden vibe with the twin guitar solos and bringing in elements of Helloween similar to the opening track. The solos from Ricki and Danny are at their particularly strongest here and makes me get that air guitar out the cupboard and play along. It all ends in a sad piano tune letting us know that the debut album from Till the Fall is at an end. There is only one thing left to do and that is to press the repeat button.

If you are an old timer like me, feel nostalgic and want to recapture the feeling the first time you listened to heavy metal, then this debut album from Till the Fall is for you. The sound, production, riffs and vocals all hark back to the olden days and we can never get enough of that. All I want now is to see these songs in the live environment and I hope that won’t be too far away.

The Seventh Circle is out now

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