Album Review: Cocaine Piss – Passionate & Tragic

I was instantly drawn to this band’s name and hoped beyond hope their sound was just as repugnant and facetious. I was not disappointed! I’ve got to admit I’d not heard of these Belgian noise punks before picking up this, their second LP, and I feel completely spent, having been fully slaughtered by their abrasive sound. Recorded by the legendary Steve Albini and out via Hypertension Records this Friday (5th April), I would strongly advise anyone into their alt/noise punk rock to give it a spin.

Passionate & Tragic is everything this album is and is not. 12 frantic tracks are disgorged at break neck speed, led by Aurélie’s lawless squalls and a battering of rabid drumming and crunching guitars, coming in at just over 20 minutes, it’s an exhilarating punk joyride.

The album opens as it means to go on with supercharged “Sociopathic Friend” which is as unstable and distorted as these type of friendships get and is over just as quickly! There is barely chance to catch your breath as angry “Pretty Pissed” kicks in and you know by now exactly what this album is all about.

Album highlights are newly released, and politically charged in the true sense of punk, frantic track “Eat The Rich” (with a hilarious video to boot) and cacophonic “Fake Tears” which you just know will cause a riot in the pit. “Body Euphoria” is probably the heaviest and longest track of the album, sluggish discordant guitars suddenly erupt into a fast and furious chaos, I love the erraticness of this track.

“My Cake” is clearly about consent, whether that’s down to cake itself or purely a euphemism for something else is down to your interpretation, but the way Aurélie screams “Don’t touch my fucking cake” I definitely say for me, it’s about cake!

Cocaine Piss excel at what they do here, an explosion of rampant punk passion, there’s nothing tragic about this album!

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