EP Review: Third Lung – Sooner or Later

Sometimes a band lands in your inbox and you know you have to feature them on these pages. Third Lung is such a band. Having recently tackled our Band of the Day questions, it’s time to go more under the hood and find out what their recently released Sooner or Later EP is all about.

Third Lung are all about modernity but not taking the usual modern influences most rock bands are currently touting. Here, the big name inspiration is Foo Fighters. And I’m talking those big hits that you immediately think of. There’s tinges of indie and a slight pop gloss to the gritty rock sound. Essentially, it’s rock music you can dance, jump and mosh to, as well as scream out the choruses. It’s that perfect sound which is at home in a sweaty, darkened club or a sunny afternoon on a festival line-up.

Filled with scratchy, punchy guitars, the upbeat numbers of opener “Sister Sinner” and the title track will ensure you’re bouncing along as Tom Farrelly delivers his sandpaper vocals. Indeed, before the former has even hit the chorus, you know exactly what this band is all about. Meanwhile the goosestep of Sam Waugh’s drums in the verses will ensure you’re bouncing along between the more staccato moments of the chorus.

Elsewhere, “Can’t Be Taken Back” drives the EP into more melancholic territory as it looks at the idea of a broken person trying to set their world on fire and bring everything and everyone down to their level. However, it’s the final track where the band succeed best. “While You Sleep” blends the aggression of “Sister Sinner” and “Sooner or Later” with the melodic elements of “Can’t Be Taken Back”. Whilst there’s not a weak track on the EP, this is simply the band taking the best of everything they’ve shown so far and condensing it into one number. It’s dark, it’s aggressive, it’s gritty, grungy, loaded with emotion and takes you on a journey you won’t forget anytime soon.

Third Lung are essentially what Foo Fighters would sound like if they were British. It’s their big influence and they don’t hide it but prevent themselves from becoming pastiche. It’s just that kind of radio-friendly rock that you can just about get non-rock fans to enjoy. And to sweeten it, they’re damn good at what they do.

Sooner or Later is out now

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