EP Review: The Lounge Kittens – Have Another…

Everyone’s favourite brightly-coloured ladies covering your favourite songs are back with their latest EP. Yes, it is of course, The Lounge Kittens. If you’re not familiar with the trio (shame on you) then here’s what you’re in store for – rock (and other genres) songs stripped back to three-part harmonies accompanied by a keyboard.

So, what’s new on Have Another…? The tracklist – that’s it. Because The Lounge Kittens don’t have to mess with their winning formula. Everything else is kept the same, they’ve simply worked their magic on another handful of songs to reinterpret them in their own fashion whilst honouring the originals. That means you’ve got the lows from Timia (“The Blue One”), the mids from Zan (“The Pink One”) and the highs from Jen (“The Red One”) and glued together with their dry, wacky humour.

Whilst the tracks do see them focus mainly on the rock side of the spectrum, they do deviate into drum and bass with DJ Fresh’s “Gold Dust” and reggae/electronic with OMI’s “Cheerleader”. Whether you know them or not, the Kittens ensure they endear them as much as the rock numbers and it’s their treatment of these songs that make them all work, despite being at opposite ends of the musical spectrum.

No strangers to a System of a Down cover, this time it’s “Violent Pornography” on the receiving end of a Kitten makeover. And yes, they manage to match Serj Tankian’s rapid-fire delivery, complete with all the sweary words. So if you’re easily offended, hit the skip button (or chill the fuck out). There’s a powerful version of Thunder’s “Love Walked In” and it immediately makes you want to hear their entire back catalogue given the same treatment but that’s mainly because Thunder are awesome.

Meanwhile Linkin Park’s “One Step Closer” and Jimmy Eat World’s “The Middle” sees the trio covering a couple of the most recognisable rock songs of the last 20 years and their common theme – it may seem rough right now but there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. The latter’s video also shows you how they handle the guitar solo in their own typical comedic fashion.

And that’s where the strength of The Lounge Kittens lies. Not only do they reinterpret familiar vocals into their harmonised version but they stretch their vocal chords into weird and wonderful shapes to faithfully recreate those melodies, too across the entire EP. Have Another… is simply another dose of The Lounge Kittens. And when they do what they do so well, you don’t need to ask for anything more.

Header by Amy Harris-Abbott of CE Photography

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