Album Review: Tormenta – Chapter 2: The Storm is Here

Tormenta have been featured in these pages quite a lot recently, after we reviewed the first single off the new album and interviewed the band about their plans for 2019. It was then natural that I should review their new album Chapter 2: The Storm is Here even although they may not be to my natural musical taste, I could not deny the professionalism that they displayed on this album. Think of Deftones mixed with Il Nino and add some metalcore into the mix and you are just about right. Tormenta, though, add their own touches to the mix and create something refreshing and will be sure to jump a few steps up the ladder with this release.

Opening track “Murderous” kicks into life with deathcore vocalist screaming “I am murderous” before it settles into a Korn- and Deftones-like groove with deathcore vocals. You will be sick and tired of reading the fact that I love more than one vocalist in a band as it adds so much diversity into a song and you cannot be more diverse with a harsh/growling vocalist and a clean singing vocalist. The key is to know when is the best time to mix it up and “Murderous” is a perfect example of that. With lyrics not far removed from what could appear in a death metal song (“I embrace these demons, and carve my name on your fucking face”) I think it’s fair to say that they were written when not in the best of moods. The sound is great for this style of music with the bass playing courtesy of Donna having a clear and heavy influence on the overall sound.

Tormenta do like to mix things up a little bit with the much more harsh tracks and one of my favourites on the album is “My Catastrophe”. It’s rich with heavier riffs and the strongest song structure of the album as a whole. Tormenta have a common structure with harsh vocals during the verse and clean vocals for the chorus and although this is nothing truly original, the execution is far more mature than their infant years together as a band would suggest. At times in this song I hear Enter Shikari along with the clear nu-metal influences once again with the usual suspects shining through.

Much heavier than any of the previous tracks “Life’s Duality” is one to get the people moving in the live environment. There is a much more deathcore influence throughout this track than before in places and yet again it’s perfectly mixed with clean vocals. Emmure may be a band that could be used as a comparison in places and along with Enter Shikari and the extensive use of keyboards, I think this song will get anyone moving at a gig for sure.

“Part 2” sees the sensitive side to Tormenta where they do give you some respite from all the groove and jumping around with this ballad. This is a very emotional song and the subject matter of mankind destroying the earth and mankind not listening to our planet crying is a poignant one.

First single and stand out track for me “Tattooed Scars” starts off very dark with deep heavy riffs from John and Phoenix backed by electronics before the song takes a surprising turn with growling vocals from Joe. These are deep, coherent growls and in the blink of an eye, Joe can change the growls to the more harsh vocal style. You would think this is a more death metal track but before the minute mark, Robin comes in with his clean vocals and adds a completely different dimension to the track mixed with a more nu-metal riffing style.

Tormenta know how to construct songs without losing the listener’s attention. Backed by bassist Donna and drummer Dec, they provide a very strong platform allowing the band to play with class and strong musicianship. Highlight of the track for me is undoubtedly the breakdown at 2:20 backed with electronics and is something I would encourage the band to do more as it is certainly the standout section of the track.

Tormenta are a band that are determined and doing everything they can to move onto the next level. Only being together since December 2017, Chapter 2: The Storm is Here is already their second album and they have just released their second single “Part 2” this month. They are also through to the semi-final of Metal To The Masses in Sheffield and I think you all should go along for what certainly will be a lively night.

Tormenta are looking to gig everywhere and I for one will be keeping an eye on them should they venture north of the border into Scotland. Best of luck, Tormenta.

Chapter 2: The Storm is Here is out now.

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