Album review: Good Tiger – Redux

A year on since the release of their sophomore album We Will All Be Gone, Good Tiger have breathed new life into this record through the release of Redux. This remix EP has not only been released to celebrate the anniversary of the full-length record, but has also shown to be a great opportunity for the band to showcase their extensive musical horizons and collaborate with a number of other musicians.

Guitarist Dez Nagle explains:

Track one was done by the band and set off the idea of doing the EP. Thankfully, we know a number of extremely talented musicians who could be involved on the EP. There are remixes by Periphery guitarist and electronic artist in his own right, Jake Bowen, L.A producer Ahh-Ceh, and NYC based post-rock electronic group, Infinity Shred. We felt a simplified acoustic arrangement of “Salt” would be a great way to wrap everything up. It was extremely fun revisiting these tracks and seeing how other artists we admire approach reimagining the original compositions we had made on WWABG.

The first track “Such a Kind Stranger (Redux)” is a laid back smooth electronic version of the original. It features layers of atmospheric sounding synths accompanied by electric kit with an interesting timbre. Elliot Coleman’s vocals are ever more prominent without the frantic guitar parts, really showcasing his voice to its full extent. The cool vocoder-esque effect is a nice touch on certain lyrics adding to the already eerie mood of this remix.

As explained by Dez, track two “Float On” is a remix by Jake Bowen. This track has a driving electric drum part which pulses throughout the track. Lyrics are chopped and edited at points creating that typical techno/house vocal style at some points. Jake fills in guitar parts of the original with an array of interesting synth sounds.

The third track “Blueshift” is a remix by Ahh-Ceh. I find this track to be the most abstract of the remixes, and it definitely pushes away from the original track the most at points. The track features vocal hooks used to create extra layers and has a more hip-hop vibe to the drums in terms of rhythm, however, the electric drums in terms of sounds are definitely quite out there.

Infinity Shred remixed the fourth track “Grip Shoes”. When I heard they were a post-rock electronic group, I was definitely perplexed to what that genre would sound like, however, this remix in my opinion sums what I expect that sound to be like. The track features expansive sounding synths, orchestral parts and glitchy sounds from time to time. It’s an interesting take on the original which has its hard-hitting drum groove completely omitted in the remix.

The final track on the EP is in fact a more familiar form of remix – an acoustic version of the track “Salt of the Earth”. It was great to hear a stripped-down version of this track as it was one of my favourites of the full length. Again, it really showcases Elliot’s vocals and some warming harmonies. The acoustic guitars had a really percussive and raw sound to them which I thought was particularly enjoyable.

All in all, this EP is an enjoyable experience to anyone familiar with the band’s record We Will All Be Gone. It has certainly provided me something to digest in anticipation of whatever new material is to come!

Redux is available now through all major digital outlets

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