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EP Review: Shadows of Violence – Revolt

The UK is vibrant with up and coming bands that are still being unheard by the general metal fan. Some of these bands deserve recognition for trying something different and having the ability to write songs that get you off your ass and mosh your ass off in your bedroom/venue or club. One such band is five-piece Shadows of Violence from Leeds who like to infuse groove into their songs and have hit the scene with a bang and made people take notice. They are creating a vibe much further afield than Leeds and having a steady line up for the last couple of years, Shadows of Violence have taken their time to hone their sound and bring back the old school thrash day. Showing their allegiance to Machine Head, Metallica and at times Biohazard in my opinion, Shadows of Violence have been alive since 2007 however it’s with the last few years have they been happy with their sound and recorded their material. After 2015’s Rise, we now have Revolt and witness a band on the “rise”.

There is a heavy Burn My Eyes-era Machine Head influence in the riffs from Martin and George which certainly is no bad thing in the opener “Words Unchained”, backed up bassist Tim and with relentless double bass from drummer Michael, the music is certainly of the thrash mixed with groove variety. Vocalist Chris is more of the clear shouting variation in his vocal style and when shouting the word “Rise” against the shit that is going on in today’s world, you can’t help but raise your fist in unison and shout the words along with him.

“Who Am I” is next and this is much heavier and more of my liking. This reminds me of the thrash metal of yesteryear with the riffs playing a much bigger part in this song than its predecessor. I feel that this song is so much stronger than its forerunner and again along with Machine Head I hear elements of Exodus and Biohazard which has this face grinning from ear to ear.

It’s with “Martyrdom” with its strong double bass and singalong lyrics that Shadows of Violence are at their strongest. This is a head banger’s dream, with the first guitar solo for the EP,  this is a neck breaker if ever there was one. This is more mid-paced than its predecessor but at times there is almost an element of death metal and even early Forbidden in their riffs at times and along with Chris sounding at his best, this is a song that will stay in their live set for some time yet.

“Where Memories Sleep” follows and there is an Exodus feel in this throughout. Mixed with full-on thrash and in parts melody, Shadows of Violence know how to construct songs and build the adrenaline before an all out thrashing end and head banging aplenty.

Closing track “Law of Man” immediately starts with a much lower riff than the rest of the EP and even the sound is so much more old school. Chris sounds as angry as he has done throughout and this has old Anthrax and Forbidden in it once again. There are similarities in Chris’s vocals with that of Russ Anderson of Forbidden and while the songs may be less technical, they are much more in your face and brutal. This song had me happier than the rest of the EP because this has a lot more elements of death metal in it which you all know is my passion, so all is good in the world.

While there have been mentions of plenty of more prominent bands in the thrash metal scene, ’tis so hard to do something different nowadays. What Shadows of Violence have done with Revolt is take their time, perfect their songs and play from the heart. I think we should all show respect and give Revolt a listen. I bet you’ll break your neck while doing so!

Revolt will be out mid-2019

Shadows of Violence: official | facebook | twitter | youtube | spotify | soundcloud | reverbnation

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As Trevor Peres of Obituary once said, "Anything to do with Death, Dying or being Chopped In Half, then I'm into it". Been into death metal since the late 80's and a lover of dark ambient, its simply a case of opposites attract.

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Mark Berry
February 5, 2019 9:22 AM

I Got married in a Obituary shirt.First saw them in 1989…

Reply to  Mark Berry
February 10, 2019 11:47 AM

There’s devotion for you!

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