Album Review: Necrogosto – Necrogosto

The first thing you should know about Necrogosto is that they do not fuck around. This is usually the point where I might write about the second thing that you need to know, but there really is no need. No, this time, all you need to do is remember that first point before listening to Necrogosto. If unprepared, you run the risk of blowing your ears off.

Doing all that they can to truly embellish the core sound of the black metal movement of the 80s, the debut self-titled album by Necrogosto is a true horror, as well as a delight, to behold. The album was initially released in 2017, doing so well that the young group were picked up by extreme metal record label Nuclear War Now!, a label so gargantuan that even the pickiest of metal fans would find a plethora of exciting albums in their catalogue. Under this new label and due to how successful the album was on its first release, Necrogosto have decided to release a limited run of their debut album on cassette tape, in true black metal fashion.

“But what does the album actually sound like?” I hear you scream!

On a whole, Necrogosto is an unforgiving beating of a listen, one which refuses to compromise, and all for the benefit of the record. Tracks such as “Blasphemous Upheaval” and “Ritual and Decay” could potentially be mistaken for old school Mayhem or Hellhammer songs, each carrying an industrial weight to it. Crust-filled nastiness oozes from these tracks, with jagged guitar riffs battling for dominance with hollow, distant screams.

Necrogosto is not simply just for die hard black metal fans though, as the album itself has more than enough potential to act as a first time listener’s entry point in to the genre. The album neglects to include the popular trope of throwing the listener in at the deep end immediately which so many extreme metal bands opt for nowadays. Instead, the Necrogosto has a steadily paced and enticing intro track, filled with quiet and ominously muted alarms, mixed with heavy, hollow sounding drums, effortlessly setting the grim and fear-inducing aesthetic that the group were no doubt aiming to create. The whine of a heavily distorted guitar raises its angry head soon after this, evolving quickly in to a dirty barrage of guitar riffs. If you are a new listener and you get this far, you will know yourself that there is no turning back from this point in.

If you missed Necrogosto the first time around, then now is your time to jump on the bandwagon and start listening to one of the angriest metal groups in Brazil. It will only take you two minutes of listening and, before you know it, you will be reaching for the corpse paint and praising the Dark Lord. Hail Satan!

The Necrogosto cassette re-release is out on the 18th of February but the album can be streamed here.

Necrogosto: facebook | bandcamp | youtube

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