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Album Review: Deserted Fear – Drowned By Humanity

Thruinga’s finest death metal export are back, bringing one of the finest slabs of traditional death metal which has been released in the last few years. Right from the word go, “All Will Fall” sets the tone for the album with its no-nonsense mid-paced palm muted riffs and driving drums. With the thunderous growls of Manuel Gatter completing the sonic lineup, the first few tracks fly by with the riffs of “The Final Chapter” in particular being incredibly catchy and headbang worthy.

“Across The Open Sea” and “Welcome To Reality” are where I truly believe the band set themselves apart from the rest of the crowd. Instead of relying on down-tuned and super speed riffing to get their message across, the band instead opt for a more refined and groove-laden approach. Couple this with the fantastic music video they released a few weeks ago, and you’ve got an suitably fantastic death metal track.

Overall, the album feels like a large step up for the band in comparison to the previous release. Everything feels more polished with the mix in particular sounding the best it has ever done on a Deserted Fear album. Whilst to some it can be considered a long album (48 minutes for the special edition), it doesn’t feel that way and each track flows into each other. If you’re after some good traditional death metal with lots of groove, you can’t go far wrong with this album.

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