Album Review: Zombie Met Girl – Super Atomic Werewolf Chicks on Motorbikes

The UK is vibrant with up and coming bands that are still unheard by the general metal fan. Some of these bands deserve recognition for trying something different and having the ability to write songs that get you off your ass and dance in your bedroom/venue or club. One such band is four-piece Zombie Met Girl from Gravesend who like to infuse garage rock/punk into their songs and have hit the scene with a bang and made people take notice since their inception in 2006. Having played at any pub or club near you, Zombie Met Girl have already played festivals such as Bearded Theory, Guildfest and Rebellion to name a few.

With Zombie Met Girl being completely new to me, I was happy to see that the band are about to release their third album and first through record company Roulette Records on January 25th. What I didn’t expect was twelve kick-ass songs that have attitude and balls that will surely get them noticed. “Black Rabbit” builds up the atmosphere quite nicely before unleashing a chorus that just gets you jumping. Reminiscent of The Ramones and Dead Kennedys but putting their own flavour into the mix, ZMG know how to make their songs infectious. Vocalist Nicky brings his anarchic vocals to the fore and backed by Tim on bass, Frazer on guitar and Steve on drums, all musicians show that they are seasoned professionals and work extremely well together.

The pattern with building an atmosphere is prevalent throughout the album with track “Comin’ for You” being in the same vein, but that is what ZMG are good at. It’s like being a finalist in a 100 metre race where it’s like “ready, steady and go” and you just get off your ass and jump around. ZMG also pay homage to their idols, one of them being the Ramones with “I Don’t Wanna Live Like That”. I had to double take when listening to this as you would swear it was The Ramones and not ZMB playing this.

Another track that had me double-taking was “Last Night at the Lunar Cafe” which I swear sounded like Danzig’s “Mother” in parts. The radio single “Mail Order Bride” is one of the many highlights with its catchy yet ferocious riffs emanating from the speakers. Think psychobilly meets punk with a few twists thrown in and you will be just about there. Title track “Super Atomic Werewolf Chicks on Motorbikes” is another personal highlight for me and is a song that will get the thrashers amongst happy, and will surely get the crowdsurfers and the pit started. This is a relentless track that oozes class and is worthy of being the title track.

There are plenty for any rockabilly, punk or metal fan to get into here and I should know as I am an avid death metal fan but you have to appreciate the musicianship on show here. It’s hard for any band to be original now but ZMG are not trying to be original. They are paying homage to their idols and having fun at the same time. Being in a band for twelve years and facing every obstacle that they have and now signed to a record label, all the hard work is beginning to pay off, and with gigs at festivals and their album launch at The Grapes Wine Bar in Gravesend, this band will surely be getting more attention and deservedly so.

Super Atomic Werewolf Chicks on Motorbikes is out on January 25th

Zombie Met Girl: facebook | youtube

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Mark Shelley
Mark Shelley
January 13, 2019 10:54 PM

What a great read I can’t wait to see them live