Album Review: Yeruselem – The Sublime

Vindsval and W.D Feld are the architects behind the French black metal crew Blut Aus Nord, and now have put their minds together and created Yeruselem. An ambitious project born of the last echoes of the surrealist album Cosmosophy (the third chapter of the famous 777 trilogy released by BaN between 2011 and 2012) and borrowing plenty of influences in order to create a congruent melding of industrial metal, cold new wave electronica and post-punk.

Yeruselem opens with album namesake “The Sublime”, an eerie atmospheric Gothic dream per melodic riffs accompanying these prog style vocals. It’s a drifter, it didn’t make me feel on edge, it came at me like a fated guided meditation. Throughout the record Vindsval and W.D Feld give each track a doom rock vibe with elements of electronica. “Eternal” riffs hit me like it’s the beginning of the so-called nu-metal era such as the early Korn’s maniacal guitar sounds.

Each tune brings a taste of a demonic story, like “Joyless” a favourite of mine of this album, the style reminiscent of what Fear Factory’s Ramon Herrera used to create on his double kick drum. The Sublime is for anyone who wants to hear something new and enjoys a mixture of industrial, electronic and atmospheric rock music with a boulder-smashing Gothic sound.

It’d be interesting to see how these guys perform this album on a live stage. Having been around the block a few times they’ll be aware and confident of what they are going to achieve, and this music can easily tantalise those bloodied taste buds.

The Sublime is released on 8th February

Yeruselem: facebook

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