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Album Review : Saor – Forgotten Paths

It was about time that I looked into one of the many bands that could possibly interest me but for whom I never took time or trouble to even click on the link. Saor especially had one point on their side: an early, fast growing hype that is one of the primal factors to disinterest me or even make me run away. But now things seem to be steadily settled down for them, I am willing to listen to what they have to share.

What initially struck me is the totally different way of laying the songs out, which first and foremost appear to be instrumentals. It is unusual but not unpleasant. The singing holds a far lesser place and I admit that unfortunately, Andy’s did not really impact on me. In all fairness, Alcest’s Neige did not do much better either on “Forgotten Paths”.

However this song has some of the glimpses of this innocent beauty of which this album is rich. There are very discreet elements here and there offering a simple yet powerful feeling of clarity among this ever thundering ensemble. There are imposing and beautiful melodies on each song but this is not what I mostly pay attention to. I rather enjoy those who properly get the last word.

While I feel the first part is pretty volatile on some sides, “Bròn”, which is to me the highlight of Forgotten Paths, comes in to bring concreteness with a more down to earth introduction with a growing intensity. Beautified by the female singing and finished by peaceful strings, these are the stars of the last-but-not-least “Exile”, which closes the album in an elegant and soothing way.

Forgotten Paths is out on the 15th of February.

Saor: officialfacebook | instagram | bandcamp | youtube

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