Album Review: Incite – Built to Destroy

The last time we encountered Incite, they were opening for Il Nino on a massive bill at Glasgow’s Classic Grand. Last minute additions, they created quite a stir when people found out they were on the bill and ended up playing to quite a decent sized crowd despite the rushed announcements.

After almost two years, I was excited to see a new album appearing from the band fronted by Richie Cavalera. Three years on from Oppression, what have they come up with? Essentially, eleven tracks of very heavy yet very accessible heavy metal. Cavalera’s vocals are harsh enough that my own throat feels raw in sympathy, but he’s only one part of this devastating machine.

Incite is currently a one-guitar band with Dru Rome covering both rhythm and leads, having had two separate six-stringers in the past. His buzzsaw licks are given plenty of background meat courtesy of Christopher Elsten’s basslines and Derek Lopez’s frantic, yet controlled, drumming. The four-piece are tight, exciting and abrasive. There’s definitely an edge of the tribal sounds that pop up in Sepultura and Soulfly’s output, though this is very much an undercurrent. It’s fairly noticeable in “Leech”, but you do get that sense of familiarity in some of the other tracks as well.

While on the whole Built To Destroy doesn’t really offer anything new in terms of surprises, what it does do it does well. Some of the tracks – “Cessation”, “Backbone” – just grab you right at the beginning. Others demand more of a listen, but really reward you for doing so. Pick of the bunch is “Poisoned By Power” featuring Chris Barnes’ syrupy tones and released this past week or so as a stream.

Built To Destroy will not disappoint existing fans, but the one thing you can be sure of is that it’s been written to be played live. Get it, learn it, catch them on tour. They were great at the Classic Grand gig, and I’m sure they’ve only got better.

Built To Destroy is out on January 25th

Header image by Jeremy Saffer

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