Album Review: Evergrey – The Atlantic

I’m not sure why I picked this album out of our huge release pile for January, but I am very glad I did. I’m also apologetic for leaving it so late to get this review done as it means you’ve only got hours to soak up the singles/videos before deciding to buy it. Because you should.

I actually reviewed the previous album, The Storm Within, a couple of years ago and dug it out for comparison’s sake while giving The Atlantic a thorough going over. I loved StormThe Atlantic is even better. Everything the 2016 album has, the new release has. But more. And better.

Evergrey fit loosely under prog metal, but the “prog” part is downplayed significantly. There’s the occasional off-kilter beat, but the main influence of prog is the atmospheric sensation enveloping every single song on this beautiful LP. Mixing heavy rock with some haunting keyboards and emotional vocals, Evergrey have absolutely nailed this album.

If there’s a major similarity to The Storm Within, it’s that there’s not a single standout track of the ten on offer. They’re all equally superb. Given that this is the third part of a trilogy (begun with 2014’s Hymns For The Broken), I think it’s about time someone looked at turning this three-album opus into a bona-fide musical. The Atlantic is the rousing final chorus that has the hairs on the back of your neck standing up before the cast take their last bow to a standing ovation.

Look, just check out the videos and pick up a copy on Friday.

The Atlantic is out on January 25th

Evergrey: official | facebook | twitter | instagram

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