Single Review: Feed The Kid – Achilles Heel

Manchester is a city adorned within musical royalty, shaping fashion with attitude gripping the nation. A new formation has arrived on the scene a few guys called Feed the Kid (FTK).

Since debut single “Strange Times” was released, the four members jumped on the tail of a comet to continue their rise. Now FTK release the second single, “Achilles Heel”, and we have it in our claws.

“Achilles Heel” offers us the chance to hear their version of a blues groove. It’s a foot stomper, and vocalist Curtis Taylors’ blues with R’n’B skills are reminiscent of Rag N Bone Man, with a band sounding like an early Maroon 5. It’s a strong tune and an eclectic style of genres.

I’m really impressed with Taylor and the band of brothers. It’ll be interesting to hear where they’re heading next. It’s not a track for headbangers to bang their heads to, or moshers to bounce and cause a bit of havoc to. What FTK have here is an interesting musical collage of light rock and nimble vocals.

FTK: official | facebook | twitter | instagram

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