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EP review: Through the Canopy – Descension

OK, so I was looking for something to pop on while I did some reading. An album maybe, something new, let it soak into my brain while I chilled with a book. Randomly from our inbox I picked up this forthcoming 2-track EP from Norwegian post-metal / prog-doom band Through the Canopy… and decided I may as well draft a review right now seeing as it’s so short!

Well. Relatively. Only two tracks – the EP will be released as a 12″ 45rpm vinyl record in January – but the songs run for 10 and 12 minutes respectively so you get your money’s worth. The sheer amount of music here definitely elevates it from “single” to “EP” in my book, and it’s good listening as well.

Slow and doomy for sure, but in equal measure heavy and metal. Vocals are an afterthought on both numbers, with the focus definitely being on the musical side of things. When the singing does kick in, it’s a little low in the mix which is a shame, but it is audible. Both tracks are slow builders which gain tempo and volume as they progress, both alternately emotive and crushing.

There’s little to pick between them. “Seven Days” has a little more of the metal sound that I like, “Illusions Lost” more of the prog element. Each is obviously from the same stable, but different enough to make you wish there was a third song present. And a fourth.

Good stuff, and I thank Kristian from the band for sending it through for us to check out.

Descension is released on vinyl on January 15th, 2019

Through the Canopy: facebook | soundcloud | bandcamp

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