EP Review: Open Surgery – After Birth Abortion

OK, no surprises with this one after a single glance at the band name and EP title. It’s death metal. To Open Surgery’s credit, they specifically state that they’re not out to create anything outstandingly original, instead paying homage to the classic Florida death metal acts who inspired them.

With six tracks, this is a bit more than an EP and a little less than an album. What is contained within is meaty enough, though. Six heavy, brutal, downtuned headbangers – the bands who Open Surgery look up to would be proud of what they’ve helped create. Vocals are of the guttural but decipherable variety, sounding like Swamp Thing with a cold. Guitars are razor-edged and vicious, with sparing use made of the occasional solo. Bass thunders and drums pound. Basically, as stated, no frills death metal.

In each song, there’s an absolute wall of classic riffs being flung constantly at the listener, backed by the rhythm section. “Unrelenting” is a word that’s very appropriate. The most laid back track is probably “Reduced To Broth” and even that just keeps pressing at you in a slow, unending, suffocating manner rather than rapidly trying to rabbit-punch you to death as the other songs do.

After Birth Abortion is a difficult EP to review simply as it is so generic. It’s no different from many albums which have come before, but there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that because it’s like so many good albums. There’s the brutal edge and occasional altered vocals of Morbid Angel (think “Where The Slime Live”), the vile subject matter of Cannibal Corpse and the occasional wild guitar howl/wail of Obituary. It’s like a compilation album in each track.

Like classic death metal? Then you’ll like this.

After Birth Abortion is out on December 17th

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