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GIK Acoustics - Europe
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Album Review: Serrabulho – Porntugal (Portuguese Vagitarian Gastronomy)

Three years on from the release of Star Whores, Portuguese grindcore mental cases Serrabulho are back with more pig noises, samples, fart sounds and crushing music with which to annoy your neighbours and make your grandma sick.

Fans of this genre will have some idea of what to expect, but make sure you add in a large dollop of lunacy. Opener “She Drinks Milk” is all normal (smashing drums, sickening vocals, thrashing guitars) until we break into a mid-song bouncy number about eating breakfast. Guitars assault like a swarm of very pissed off and drunk bees through “Ela Fez-me um Grão de Bico”… except for the little bit where Serrabulho drop in some Latin funk. For no reason.

“Dingleberry Ice Cream” throws in a few bagpipes because Serrabulho, and if you don’t believe me then check out the live video below. As if I could make this shit up.

If the vocals aren’t grunted then they’re sung as if by the off kid in the village who everybody pretends isn’t really there, and who survives on scraps that they throw out of the window each night to try and prevent feeling sorry for him.

What staggers me throughout this entire madcap escapade is that Porntugal is still pretty damn musical. Despite, it must be said, the band’s best efforts.

Porntugal (Portuguese Vagitarian Gastronomy) is out on December 15th

Serrabulho: facebook | twitter | instagrambandcamp

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