Album Review: Beth Blade and the Beautiful Disasters – Show Me Your Teeth

Beth Blade and The Beautiful Disasters are a hard, leather-clad old school rock band and not a Stan Lee creation as you may feel by their name. In three years since their formation, they’ve picked up many a fan, including our Overlord of Moshville Times who included them in the Band of the Day feature last year.

Touring with a who’s who of the rock community, (Ricky Warwick, Black Star Riders Damon Johnson, and the Electric Boys) while supporting their debut record Bad Habit, this four-piece now carry a flow of melodic hard rock. The second album release is a crowdfunded exercise. 

Show Me Your Teeth opens wide to “Secrets” introducing me to the rock tones of Beth Blade and her crew. “Secrets”’ raw sound is of a live recording and continues its blend with album namesake “Show Me Your Teeth”. Beth sings above crunchy guitar riffs giving us a nod to AC/DC and Halestorm, a couple of cats these guys purr over, especially with “Give It All You’ve Got” while “On and On” sounds as if the band is showcasing Beth’s power ballad vocals.

Show Me Your Teeth is suited to a sleazy backstreet bar or a dark crib in the underbelly of Camden all the way up to a big-time arena. The sound is big and I’d expect a white-vested frontperson power punching on top of a mountain, while a guitarist riffs in the background in a catchi-Kiss taste with an AC/DC flow getting serotonin levels to high emergency.

“I Ain’t Got Nothing (If I Ain’t Got Rock n Roll)” is a love ballad for rock, its classic riffing with Beth telling us about the emotion she has for the genre. The sound is very much reminiscent of Motley Crue and old-school storytelling. The record feels like it’s possessed of rock stars of history, the vibe Crue, Guns N Roses, Kiss, AC/DC all were/can provide.

Beth and gang show their teeth in these twelve tracks of catchy, enjoyable, raw music with a live sound.

Show Me Your Teeth is out on January 25th

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