EP Review: Fight The Fury – Still Breathing

Link arrives in email. “Fight The Fury”. Never heard of ’em. Looks like an EP. No other details. Might as well give it a listen…

Aaaand hooked. Ten listens later and I’m drafting this review for you after trawling emails to find details about the band. It turns out that Fight The Fury is a little project from Skillet frontman / bassist John Cooper. Still Breathing is their debut release and drops on October 26th.

Given Cooper’s choice of instrument it’s perhaps no surprise that opener “My Demons” begins with a chugging bass rhythm before his vocals kick in. Squealing guitars, an infectious rhythm and a chorus that glues itself in your head make for a brilliant opening. The song may have been written five years ago, but the other four are every bit as good.

“Dominate Me” reminds me of both Disturbed and Texas Hippie Coalition in terms of attitude and riffage, yet still has FtF’s own sound wrapping itself around them both.

Every track has words you can sing along to and a beat you can bang your head to. Each also has a unique quality that sets it apart from the others. “Still Burning”‘s post-metal breakdown, “I Cannot”‘s Papa Roach-esque cry, “Lose Hold Of It All”‘s pounding FFDP influence…  Overall, I’d actually say that the EP would appeal to fans of bands like Five Finger Death Punch. The blend of heavy and melodic with that rhythm that makes you want to bounce around is simply superb. Simply put, Fight The Fury have nailed it.

A surprise release, and a very pleasant one. Well worth seeking out.

Still Breathing is out on October 26th and available now for pre-order

Fight The Fury: facebook | twitter | instagram | youtube

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