EP Review: Seven Hells – Prologue

Another band who played Bloodstock this year and thrust a press pack into our sweaty mitts were Seven Hells. Buried within the package was their recent EP Prologue, four tracks of nu-ish metal-type noise.

The first word I can use to describe Seven Hells is “heavy”, but there’s still plenty to differentiate the four songs on offer. Opener “Resist” is catchy and typical of the early nu-metal genre, only… well, heavier. “Broken Bones” is sure to generate some, as it lends more to the thrash style than the other songs on here. Halfway through it just unleashed Hell (seven of them?) and invites destruction.

“We Will Rise” holds back somewhat yet manages to be a more powerful song for it. The final song, “The Prophet”, pulls from the classic heavy metal rulebook with some great guitars and ridiculously heavy riffs. It’s slow, meaty and a great way to round things off.

So only the four tracks, but each very different to the others. Seven Hells have a good EP here, and I’m curious to know if they can keep this kind of standard up for a full release. Maybe we’ll find out sometime soon?

Header image by Sean Larkin

Seven Hells: facebook | twitter | instagram | soundcloud

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