EP Review: Equinox (UK) – Bloodstock sampler

Continuing to dig through the pile of CDs I got at Bloodstock, here’s one especially pressed for the occasion. Equinox UK (the “UK” isn’t part of their name, but they mention it a lot so I assume it’s to avoid confusion) thrust this 3-track effort into my hands at some point over the long weekend and I’ve just got round to giving it a spin.

Ooh. Another good one. The band played the New Blood stage at 15:45 on the Saturday, which I know as it’s written on the little plastic wallet! The Merseyside M2tM winners were not one of the few bands I managed to catch over the weekend around other duties, but on the strength of this sampler I bloody wish they had been.

Churning out some hard rock sounds with emotional vocals and simple layered melodies, their tracks all have “catchy” built in. Each vocal-lead break is followed by a rhythm to get your head banging again and there are sections which, live, I reckon could get a few people bouncing off each other in a light-hearted pit-type way, though they’re by no means a wall-of-death inducing act.

As I said, there are only three songs on here and the band have done their best to show their full spread of colours across them. “Jester” is very hard rock from start to end. “Martyr” is heavier in places, yet still has some gentler passages. “Empire” is acoustically-based, builds and builds, and is simply spine-tingling.

Equinox are recording a new single at the end of October and I’m sure it’ll be a great addition to their musicography.

Header image by Joe Stanley Photography

Equinox (UK): facebook | twitter | instagram | youtube | bandcamp

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