EP Review: Bangladeafy – Ribboncutter

One of the first EPs I reviewed was by New York City-based duo Bangladeafy, Atif Haq a drummer with a demon inside him and bassist Jon Ehlers who makes bass sounds others dream of. In 2013 I listened and put some words together for their EP The Briefcase. A few years down the line I’m given the chance of hearing their first record via Nefarious Records, Ribboncutter.

Ribboncutter starts with a 22 second intro, a nice gentle way to bring some synth to the festivity. I say gentle, but as we move into “Prisoner Swap” it becomes a full-on drum and bass party, it’s a schizoid jazz meltdown. The entire 22 minutes of this record shows Bangladeafy is like a controlled explosion. You’re aware of what’s happening but still catches you off guard.

Ehlers is touted as one of the best bassists around and you’ll hear why. It’s panic attack stuff, I forget to breathe, and my transcendental meditation training goes straight out the window. The robotic feel of a synth adds a different flow to these guys as with album namesake “Ribboncutter” which comes at us with a sort of vocal arrangement.

The constant creative riffs by Ehlers and technical drumming of Haq is another level, well, I say level I mean these guys are so far out there it’s worth wondering if they’ll build a hut on Mars.

If this pair decided to invite a front person into their regime then I’d suggest only one name. One individual who has the ability and vocal exorcism to keep up with these guys, that person ladies and gentlemen is Mr Bungle himself, Faith No More legend, Mike Patton.

Ribboncutter is a fun yet not very heart-warming EP. Nor does it come with a sense of romanticism, it’s not a Valentine’s day night dance. What these two have put together is an astonishing sound that completely freaks me out.

Ribboncutter is out now

Bangladeafy: facebooktwitter | instagram | bandcamp

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