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Album Review: Obzidian – Obliteration Process

We’re getting close to the bottom of the pile of “I was handed this at a gig so I have to review it” CDs which we went through in no particular order. Today we’ve got Obzidian’s latest album Obliteration Process which came out earlier this year. The band featured on the New Blood stage at Bloodstock, being one of a very few to be invited rather than making it through the M2tM competition.

Having listened to Obliteration Process a few times, I’ve come to the conclusions that it’s genre-defying (or multiple-genre inclusive), but damn heavy throughout. Guitars are nicely distorted so they’re as smooth and sharp as a rusty hacksaw blade isn’t. Vocals are harsh and abrasive. Drums pound and thrash. Bass makes your head wobble.

Despite the innate heaviness, there are some more mainstream metal moments such as the guitar solo in “Desolate Creed” which is almost bluesy. The highlights, though, are the thrashier sections which absolutely pummel the unsuspecting listener. That solo, for instance, leads into a wonderfully fast-paced piece of music that would leave a crowd exhausted.

I admit it took a listen or two to get into the album, partly as bits sounded a little too “familiar” and unoriginal. However, once I let it wash over me like a spilled vat of warm blood, those parts congealed into a much more entertaining whole. The entire album is absolutely in your face from beginning to end, featuring riffs and rhythms to appease the doom fans right through to the death/thrash brigade.

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