Album Review: Deity’s Muse – Convergence

South African band Deity’s Muse travelled all the way to Derbyshire last month to ply their trade at Bloodstock. While they were there they passed a CD on to us and, as is the rule, we’ve finally got round to reviewing it.

There are a lot of sounds on Convergence. Definitely a bit proggy, definitely a bit grungy. The band cite Alice in Chains and Tool amongst their influences and there are wisps of both throughout. However, a band doesn’t get invited to play the SOPHIE stage because they sound a little bit like someone else. They have to be good in their own right, and Deity’s Muse definitely manage that.

With a heavy sound – more heavy rock than metal, but heavy nonetheless – they also bring atmosphere and ambiance. This isn’t a band to circle pit to, it’s one to stand and headbang to while you drift off into another land. The more metal aspects which do pop up are countered by far more gentle sequences such as “Spectrum”‘s ethereal tones.

“Dissonance” is a personal pick from the running list, being one of the more metal-y numbers. A solid set of rhythmic riffs and some nice chopping guitar during the verses create a simple but effective song which both drifts ethereally past you and slaps you on the back of the head while it does so. That it’s followed by the equally as good “I’m The Observer” makes for the album’s best double-whammy.

While not being a “metal” act, Deity’s Muse earned their place at Bloodstock and if your musical tastes extend to the less brutal end of the scale then Convergence could well earn itself a place in your CD player.

Deity’s Muse: official | facebook | twitter | instagram | youtube | bandcamp

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