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Album Review: Demons Sing of the End – Wake Up and Enjoy the Ride

Like its predecessor, Take Life By The Throat And Scream!, this album just appeared in the mail. Due to festival season and moving house, it sat there for longer than it should, hence the delayed review.

The first thing I noticed about Wake Up is that the issues I had with the production on the last album have largely been dealt with. Vocals are front and centre where they should be (if still a little quiet), but the overall style hasn’t lost its energetic and “we’re doing it for fun” feel. Though opener “(We’re Gonna) Wake The Whole Damn Town” didn’t really kick it for me, by the time we get to “Sure Look Great (Six Feet Under)”, the band are back on the form I remember from a few months back. As luck would have it, they just released this track as a video which you can check below.

“The Devil’s In The Detail” is similarly punchy, though without the rousing chorus and instead with a more “groovy” feel and a blistering solo at the point where solos usually appear. With “Straight Up Freakshow Crazy”, the album is well into its stride and the hard rock pours from the speakers, including a small break for a ballad (“When It’s Cold Outside”).

“Alive Tonight” and the title track send the album to bed in style, the latter with a lot of pomp and grandeur.

Demons Sing of the End is a rock’n’roll band through and through, and pulls from various influences without being enslaved to any single one. This second album from them (or at least the second I’ve heard) is another great, entertaining slab of new music for folks like me who grew up on the likes of KISS, Skid Row and Cinderella.

Wake Up and Enjoy the Ride is out now

Demons Sing Of The End: facebook | youtube

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