EP Review: Torqued – Resurgence

Ow. My neck hurts. And I blame Torqued for this dirty, grinding beast of an EP. Four tracks (plus two repeated as live renditions) in length, it’s quite simply slow and fucking heavy – emphatically groove metal.

While Torqued may only be a three-piece, they produce all the noise of a band of many more. Layered production, such as around halfway through “Follow Me”, make the sound even bigger with the addition of some background atmospherics. However, it’s the quality of the songs which transcends all. In amongst the pounding beats are some great little hooks, particularly in “Follow Me”, one of the two best tracks of the four.

The other is “Overload, I Die Inside” which is also one of the live recordings. The rhythm drives the whole song forward, but it also plays host to a couple of wonderful solos. The opening and closing sections are nicely different, too, being the gentlest (and therefore most misleading) parts of the EP.

That’s not to say that “Forgotten Soul” and “Hollow Core” aren’t good – they very much are. They’re just pipped to the post by the other two.

Resurgence is out on July 29th and can be pre-ordered (along with a ton of related merch) right now.

Torqued: official | facebook | twitter | bandcamp

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