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EP Review: LTNT – Yode

So, I’m waking up on what should have been the first day of Wildfire 2018 and a friend sticks a video on Facebook with the caption “Something heavy for the morning!” And I do enjoy a bit of heavy in the mornings so I hit play on a song called “Happy Days” and that’s my introduction to LTNT as my eardrums are lovingly assaulted.

The north Londoners’ latest EP sees them join punk, grunge, blues, fluffy pop hooks and cover it in as much fuzz as possible. Essentially, they’re a noise rock outfit with groove to make things even more interesting than usual. “Fuck Bunny” contains hints of Faith No More in their prime whilst “Whitey” blends alternative rock with blues and the soothing lilt of Liam Lever’s polished vocals.

However, it’s not all slick as debut single “Happy Days” shows perfectly. It’s the band in a more raw format and chunky, rough guitars. Here, Lever’s vocals are less syrupy and more akin to the sandpaper-coated gravelly tones you’d expect from a band like this. Meanwhile, it’s bassist Ben Clarke and drummer Adam Stanley who produce a hypnotic rhythm you’d expect to hear on early Queens of the Stone Age albums.

Closing track “Call it What You Like” has vibes of In Utero Nirvana with its thrumming bassline throughout and its Motörhead-esque intro wall of sound only adds to the atmosphere. However, the chorus becomes a touch more sugary and has a chorus just begging to be chanted in a sweaty basement venue as you take a break from the pit.

Whilst it may sound like there’s so many influences at odds here, it’s all moulded together effortlessly into a unique sound. It’s something completely different to what I review and the change is more than welcome. This trio would be a perfect fit to support fellow noise rockers The Hyena Kill. I think I may have just found my new favourite band.

Yode is out now

LTNT: official | facebook | twitter | instagram | youtube | bandcamp

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