EP Review: Kill No Albatross – Speak True Evil

Straddling that line between hard rock and metal can be a tough proposition but it can be done. This is where Kill No Albatross find their sound but they bring an alternative slant to the table to tone the metal side down and make it one cohesive sound rather than two horses pulling in opposite directions.

The band incorporate prog for some technicality and a helping of hardcore’s intensity to make their own original sound. Add in the nasal pop punk vocals you’d hear in early 2000s pop punk and you’ve something fairly unique – a hard feat to achieve in 2018. Opening track “Seven Hells” has an intro you’d find on early Bullet For My Valentine records before they drop a gear and bring all-out aggressive hard rock sounds and that breakdown – you’re going to snap your neck with the headbanging.

Lead single “Apex Predator” continues the pace and it’s here you’ll pick up hints of early Alter Bridge. Full of defiance and adrenaline, it’s a perfect representation of the band. The twin guitars crunch and weave around each other perfectly, the drums subdued but will have you tapping your foot throughout.

Meanwhile, “Sky on Fire” shows the band in a more controlled format. Acoustic tones permeate throughout and it’s vocalist Kyle Collins’ standout moment. He’s reined in the screams but by doing so, can actually show off a broad range of tones. Imagine this as the “ballad” moment of a half-hour support slot but ensuring he and the rest of the band keep it as intense as the rest of the EP.

Closing track “Void” is probably the weakest track of the EP. Whilst it’s not bad by any stretch, it doesn’t leave its own mark like the preceding tracks but doesn’t quite hit filler territory either.

Speak True Evil presents a tight band, eager to find their own sound. It’s one the succeed at with ease, showing off their broad range of influences and knowing how to permeate them through the songs to stop them becoming a jumbled mess.

Speak True Evil is out now

Kill No Albatross: official | facebook | twitter | instagram | soundcloud | youtube | bandcamp

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