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EP Review: Beyond Carnage – Profane Sounds Of The Flesh

Quick review for a nice, short release. Profane Sounds of the Flesh was released in Portugal by Firecum Records on June 18th, 2018 and reaches Spotify and the whole world in July. It’s billed as “old school death metal” and such it most definitely is. No melodic sections, no pretence to be anything it isn’t.

Guttural vocals, massively distorted guitars and pounding drums are the order of the bloody day throughout each of the five tracks present. Lyrics can pretty much be made out throughout, demonstrating the quality production. There’s a lovely constant bass “thrum” as well, keeping everything nice and throbbingly downbeat. You really notice this on EP highlight “Necrowizard”, a song that has everything a classic death number needs.

Through “Necrowizard” there’s a constant need to nod your head. Except when the pace picks up and you find yourself wanting to start a pit. The music just urges you to do this. It’s like one of the Dark Gods whispering in your ear to commence chaos. The track is simply brutal and a brilliant piece of death metal. Sadly, it’s one of the two shortest songs though still weighs in at just under five minutes.

The other four songs hardly pale in comparison, I just happen to really like “Necrowizard”! Closer “R’lyah, Mother of All Abominations” has obvious Lovecraftian influence in the title and lyrics, and is at the opposite end of the scale timewise at seven minutes. Amongst the head-banging riffs, there’s a couple of great solos – eerie and wailing, and thus rather atmospheric without sounding experimental or… well… “wanky”.

For a fledgling band, this is a very, very strong debut release. I’m going to make sure that Ricky, our resident death-head, gets hold of it. I feel he’ll owe me a pint for making sure he doesn’t miss out on this Portuguese behemoth.

Beyond Carnage: facebook | youtube

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Beyond Carnage
Beyond Carnage
July 11, 2018 1:56 PM

Thank you for the awesome review! Be sure to tell us, what where Ricky’s thoughts! ;)

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