Album Review: Sick N’ Beautiful – Element of Sex

Sick n’ Beautiful are a band I first encountered in the live setting, thoroughly enjoying their Glasgow show recently. So we have a band who make full use of costumes, effects and props. How do the songs come across when not backed up with impressive theatrics?

Bloody well, actually. The band list quite a few influences (Rob Zombie, NiN, Lady Gaga, Garbage), but if I was to pick one act they’re closer to than others it would probably be Lordi, at least in terms of attitude. They’re that end of the rock scale. Fun, heavy at times, catchy at others, tongue in cheek throughout. I do think of In This Moment as well, especially with the imagery, but there are definite differences as far as the sound alone goes.

Element of Sex is well produced and nicely heavy. The electronica is present, but not overbearing and works well in the songs where it’s most used such as “New Witch 666”. The intro to this track does come across a little Reznor-ish, but since when was that ever a bad thing?

It’s obvious that each song carries a story, and they’re designed fit into a live setting. SN’B really know how to hook you in, and a lot of the tracks have a short sing/shout-along element to them. Most are pretty rocking, but “Heart December” shows their softer side. It’s not exactly “Bed of Roses”, but it’s definitely gentler.

It’s the belters that I like the most, though. Recent single “Megalomaniacal” was a good choice to introduce people to the album, “HeXxX” doesn’t so much go near the knuckle as it does take your fist deep inside (there’s an image for you), and closer “C*mmunion” leaves you rocking on your heels as the album comes to an end with its Halestorm-esque attack.

This isn’t a bad album at all. It’s fun and brash and filled with good ideas. Without any doubt, though, it comes alive in more ways than one when the band perform the songs on stage.

Definitely worth getting, but use the listening time to prep yourself for when they next return to our shores for another tour.

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Element of Sex is out on June 29th

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October 31, 2020 5:30 PM

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