Album Review: Powerflo – Bring That Shit Back

Last year a union of musicians joined forces to be the voices for the voiceless by releasing their debut record. Moving on to this year, and on the 1st of June they brought out their latest EP Bring That Shit Back to continue this battle. The band features members of Downset, Fear Factory, Biohazard and Cypress Hill all banging their heads together to become Powerflo.

Sen Dog (Cypress Hill) stands at the front of this hardcore no-nonsense band, with guitarist Billy Graziadei of Biohazard, Ray Lozano (rhythm guitarist of Downset) and Fear Factory bassist Christian Olde Wolbers. Take a deep breath, feel the force these guys bring to airwaves or to a venue.

Many years back Billy Graziadei dived into the crowd at a Biohazard gig at London Astoria 2 while riffing and whacked me on the top of the head with his guitar, an accident I am sure. Anyway. Enough about the past

Powerflo moulds hip-hop, metal, punk and rock together to smash the system, and like Sen-Dog’s Cypress Hill pal B-Real has done with Prophets of Rage, they attempt to take the power back with the influence of music.

Bring That Shit Back consists of 8 tracks and opens with a Bob Marley and the Wailers cover, “Get Up Stand Up” made up of punky hardcore riffs, exactly what I’d expect from these behemoths. Billy does his stuff in between every Send Dog vocal. If you’re a Biohazard fan you’ll get it. I’m always afraid of a band covering classic tunes as they try to be like the original. I’m pleased to announce Powerflo don’t make this mistake and will be a superb addition to a live setlist. “Bring That Shit Back” is over a minute and a half long. The crew shout “We are motherfuckin’ Poweflo” amidst heavy drumming, kick ass bass lines and hardcore riffs.

After the first tracks, we get three remixed versions of “Where I Stay” and “The Grind”, the originals being on their debut record. This reminds me of Fear Factory’s Remanufacture record from 1995 adorning electrotonic/gabba recreations. If that’s your genre then you’ll like this. To be honest the remixes aren’t for me. I prefer the originals with crunching riffs and thunderous drums. If you like the trance form of music, then Powerflo remixes are a cert for you.

A band like Powerflo formed by some of the hardest hitting members have the ingredients to cook up something special and fight for the word. Back in the 90s the moment I heard Downset’s “Anger… Hostility to the Opposition” I knew music like this was for me. It gives a voice to those who cannot put their hand up and be accounted for. Powerflo can become a natural force to be reckoned with.

I’m not sure about you lot, but I’m ready to see Powerflo live. On July 13th they appear at the Dome (London).

Powerflo: official | twitter | facebook | Instagram

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