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EP Review: The Papashangos – Just The Tip

The Papashangos start things off with the 34-second intro song “We are The Papashangos” in which they proudly ascertain that they are the aforementioned, which seems like as good a place to begin as any! What follows are a further four songs which are so infectious, you may need to visit your GP!

“Eating People Is Wrong” is preceded by a brief excerpt from the slasher movie Scream, and is an energetic, shouty track lasting a little under two minutes. Reminiscent of The Damned and The Misfits, it’s a tongue-in-cheek bit of fun about horror B-movies, and what not to do should you find yourself in one.

Next up is “I Wanna Get Fucked Up”… high-brow stuff it certainly isn’t, but what we’re treated to here is a no holds barred, unabashed slab of punk rock about having a little night on the town. It’s probably the standout track of the EP, simply because it’s so much fun! You can’t help but be dragged in by the sheer energy, and I mean dragged. I imagine it’s a crowd pleaser and a live favourite.

A few seconds of The Mighty Boosh gives you no time at all to catch your breath before “The Poncho Song” which shows that The Papashangos are far from a one-trick pony. It has a poppier, more melodic and accessible sound to it, and reminds me a little of Less Than Jake. It’s catchier than crabs on the Jeremy Kyle Show, with lighter riffs and a generally more delicate sound.

Things continue to impress on the final song “Wasting My Life Away” with its punchy riffs and pummelling drums. But again, there are surprises here too. The brilliant guitar playing on this track suggests that these guys are very capable musicians and hint at being able to deliver much more than can be included on an EP.

This is a strong release. Raw, fresh, dripping with sweat and lager and delivered with a sense of humour and fun rather than just aggression. If these songs are anything to go by, The Papashangos are definitely a band to look out for! And I bet they’re an absolute riot live!

The Papashangos: officialfacebook | instagram | bandcamp | youtube

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