EP Review: SEASONS – Chapters

A year on since we featured them as Band of the Day and SEASONS are on the cusp of releasing EP number three – Chapters.

With the opening bass twangs, it’s easy to write this off (for a few seconds) as another of many “post-something” bands, but let the rhythm kick in and the melodies start to overlay everything and what you have is a superb show of alt-rock. That bass guitar gets to stretch its legs, but the mix is much rockier and Chapters contains five very good, emotive songs indeed.

“Getaway” is the one that hits you like a bouncy hammer from the off, but quickly settles down and is actually rather mellow in places. “One Last Night” is more up-tempo throughout, despite having lyrics that verge into emo territory. The chorus is just great, definite toe-tapping/head-banging territory.

Title track “Chapters” is similar to “Getaway” in that it starts with an absolute wall of noise before treating you to a shower of feathers… but swiftly reverses direction again to become something quite abrasive. As the track continues, it bounces back and forth between these styles and features a repeated chorus in the middle prior to another beatdown.

The real heavy one on the EP is “Feel Alive” which crashes down around 2/3 of the way through and features lyrics which seem to be rather bittersweet. Closer “Consequences” sounds a little balladic to start with, then throws in an Alter Bridge-esque section before chucking in some heaviness for the hell of it. Quite the melting pot.

Despite all these changing tempos and attitudes, the songs all sit together very well indeed and it takes a couple of listens to get under their skins to the meat of the lyrics. This is a pleasantly surprising addition to SEASONS’ catalogue and very much one I’d recommend to anyone who likes their hard/heavy/alt-rock.

Chapters will be introduced in the live setting at a release event at The Camden Assembly on the 28th of April. Support comes from Renegade Twelve and You Win Again Gravity. Grab your tickets now. Also, pre-order the EP via the same link and you could win a nice Fender Squier Stratocaster guitar and a t-shirt of your choice.

Chapters is out on April 20th.

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