Album Review: From Ashes To New – The Future

A quick review for this release as I’m short of time, but had to let people know about this great album from Philadelphia 4-piece From Ashes To New. It follows on from their 2016 debut Day One and is a meld of rock and dance/hip-hop, though the rock influence is by far the strongest. If you imagine the Linkin Park ballpark, they’re sat on the fifth row.

Single “Crazy” is an appropriate introduction and you can check it out below. The varied vocal styles, simple yet catchy riffs and toe-tapping beat make this one an absolute winner. Thing is, it’s not even the best track on the album. “My Name” is a belter, “On My Own” raises the roof, the emotive strains of “Enemy” will have the hairs standing up on the back of your neck…

Each song has plenty of twists and turns. Melodic sections back onto fist-pumping ones, heartfelt vocals are followed by angry roars, and the mix of dance/pop keys with the harder rock sound is a blend that just works.

The Future is a very impressive album, taking and acknowledging influence from the aforementioned Linkin Park without sounding like a knock-off act. From Ashes To New have enough of their own sound to add to the mix, and the result is an album of which they should be proud.

The Future is out now

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