Album Review: Eva Plays Dead – The Fix

Nottingham has a lot of collateral when it comes to iconic archers and footballing legends, but we’re here to talk about The Fix. The latest EP of Nottingham/Derby’s Eva Plays Dead is realised on the 27th April, via Playing Dead Records.

In their own words Eva Plays Dead are no-nonsense rockers with the antidote to all things pretentious, and this EP is the next step in the journey of the resurgent midlands quartet. The Fix is a highly personal release, detailing Tiggy Dee’s relationship with bipolar disorder.

Comprised of Tiggy Dee on vocals, Matt Gascoyne on guitar, Zach Shannon on bass and Seb Boyse on drums, the band crunch into “Spin”, the opener. The predominate sound is Tiggy’s vocals matching the speed of hard drums or the heavy guitar riff. The latter used well in opening “Get Back” where Tiggy adds an L7 vocal style with “Well, I’m a little (fucked) up, yeah, I’m a little drugged up yeah”, showcasing their punk attitude and making this one a highlight.

Seb Boyse’s drums on “Colours” are thunderous to the extent that the creature from Tremors may make an appearance. Tiggy shows her vocal range, man, this lady can sing. She proves her skills once more in “Bones”, letting out frustration with lyrics “I’m sick of hearing the same songs, I’m sick of hearing your thoughts out loud. I’m sick of doing what you want me to do. What you want me to do”. Matt Gascoyne’s riffs scream with Tiggy’s deep vocals, while Zack Shannon’s beat envelopes the feeling of this song.

Coming to the end with the appropriately titled “Monogamy” continuing their firing riffs, the superb rhythm from Zach and Seb, and the impressive Tiggy Dee who passionately spits those lyrics out with melodic flow.

In Eva Plays Dead’s short career, they have already an impressive history of notable supports include SOiL, Alien Ant Farm, Skindred, Devilskin, and the band have garnered the attention of Kerrang! and TeamRock among others. Catch them on their UK tour, starting in London on the 27th April, ending 7th May in Ashford.

The Fix is out on April 27th (though pledgers got it early!)

Eva Plays Dead: official | facebook | twitter | instagram


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