Review: Thuum – Through Smoke, Comes Fire

Thuum first came to our attention when they partook in our Bloodstock New Blood Stage Interviews last summer (interviewed by Ricky here) and by all accounts they played to an impressively packed tent. If this EP is anything to go by then it would have been an equally impressive set. For a band described as stoner metal with self-proclaimed touches of prog, trad and thrash this EP is absolutely brutal. It is a relentless pummelling, it feels like you are being hit and bruised but what you can’t seem to get your head quite around is that you like it, you want more, you want them to come back at you again with another relentless bruising round.

Although I can hear the stoner/sludge influences on this EP I can hear more of a melodic thrash influence as well and believe me, this combination makes for an exhilarating, yet incredibly epic, set of songs.

Regular readers will know that I am a sucker for a well finished, atmospheric and epic record and Through Smoke Comes Fire fits all of these categories. The way this EP is pieced together fits this template to a ‘T’ and for me this is what makes it so perfect. Opening track “Intro” is exactly what it says on the tin but at 5:52 minutes long this is a great track by itself. I imagine this is a set opener and really sets the tone. It’s a perfect scene setter, slow building, dynamic, this is the metal equivalent of voodoo but with added thunder.

This is a great precursor for the howl of pain that is “Worthless”. We are given a quick interlude before that pain becomes real and the band pick up the pace. A perfect combination of Intro and opening song. The drums and pace on “Worthless” are relentless and for such a bruiser you somehow still come away with a massive grin. Making you feel alive is surely the point to all music – winner.

What I love even more, is that on the third track “Hafuga” their pace is picked up further. So, if you think that “Worthless” was going to bruise you, then wait till the mosh pit for “Hafuga” is underway. This is more of a thrash song, it has the vocals, the pace and the energy and positivity that for me great thrash records always contain. There is something life affirming about a well-produced thrash track; the energy, the pace, the vocals, the guitar solos and all of that come together perfectly for “Hafuga” and when it hits into the middle eighth sung chorus it almost takes your breathe away. Probably my favourite track on the EP.

Final track “Through Smoke, Comes Fire” starts with an Oasis drum pattern rather disconcertingly but soon turns into a heavy sludge riff. This track very much feels like the end of the night, had a few too many beers but you are not quite ready to go home yet. You can almost see yourself, dancing to this alone, in the dying minutes of a club night, not wanting the night to end. It’s an epic 7 minutes long but at no point do Thuum ever bore you. They are relentless in pace and presentation, wearing down any resistance whilst at the same time having enough going on in the song to keep you interested.

The EP is so well recorded and produced, right down to the artwork (which is going to make an excellent t-shirt I look forward to seeing them come out). Based on this outing, which amazingly is their debut EP, Thuum have come and they have conquered. They own you now and if they do not go on to greater things I will be amazed.

Through Smoke, Comes Fire is out February 19th

Thuum: facebook | bandcamp

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