Review: Defenestration – Gutter Perdition

A record label that I find myself spending a lot of time with recently is with Nicolas Williart and XenoKorp Records with recent reviews of albums by Mercyless, Savage Annihilation and the recent Master/Dehuman split EP. Nicolas has delved deep into the underground and has instigated a project called Militia Series which are releases from up and coming bands that he feels deserve a chance to make it in this unforgiving metal world. Hats off to Nicolas for starting this project that will hopefully unleash some gems that deserve our recognition.

First in this Militia Series are Nantes based death metal group Defenestration. Formed in 2014, Defenestration has taken their time to garner their sound before recording their tracks for Gutter Perdition, their first official release by a record label. Opening track “Blinding Sublimation” immediately blasts your ears off. There are no eerie keyboard intros here, just straight forward old school death metal worship in the vein of early Cannibal Corpse and even Monstrosity which is always a plus in my book. The sound is crystal clear and all instruments can be clearly heard even though their sound is inherently early 90s. There is no rest for the listener, it’s just speed all the way with relentless blast beats from Gaetan and swirling frenetic riffs from Apocalyptic Lawnmower (yes you read that right!) making this a good start to the EP.

“Vintage Carnage” starts of at a relentless pace again but in general it is slower than the previous track, which is a plus in my book when songs are mixed like this. I can hear elements of Benediction in the slower parts with slow chugging riffs backed by low and deep growls which is the music that I crave. Although Defenestration are doing nothing in the originality stakes, they are proving to be very competent musicians in their art. I liked the time changes in between this track as it builds the tension before unleashing death metal in its purest form and like its heyday in the early 90s.

“Jizzus” is next and has more of the time changes where one minute Defenestration are blasting your ears off and the next you find yourself nodding your head in acknowledgement of the musicianship on show here. Bassist Basstard can clearly be heard and of the competent Steve Digorgio being an influence I thought. Defenestration certainly don’t take any influences from their own native country, more worshiping the Floridian death metal scene with Monstrosity influences cropping up again. There is enough in this track to make this equally as enjoyable as the previous tracks.

“Sorry to Apologise” is a relentless blast-fest with chaotic vocals and Cancrelat and Apocalyptic Lawnmower giving their different take of growling and screams on this track. I love dual vocals but this is the most apparent part of the EP so far where they alternate vocals and they do it to good effect. There are elements of thrash riffs and drums mixed with the death metal vocals and again, they do this to good effect before returning to blast beats and normal brutal death metal is restored.

Last song “Akkarian Oracle” starts off mid paced with a deep chugging riff bringing to mind Monstrosity again but there are hints of Immolation and Incantation as well which are all pluses in my book. After a couple of minutes it does change to the thrash style riffs and drums and with only the growls bringing this into death metal territory. This track is easy to see why it is the last track as it certainly leaves a lasting impression with me and I can imagine the crowd at the front head banging their ass off at this. Blast beats are soon the order of the day again before settling into the fast paced territory with thrash style riffs again. It’s fitting that this five minute track has the best riff of the album at the end.

Although not doing anything to keep the death metal scene alive in terms of originality, what Defenestration have done is mix the old school with the new school sound and created a damn fine EP. Nicolas has done well in finding this four-piece that can only grow in their native French underground scene and make the band grow with regular output. With output like this already, Defenestration already have a bright future ahead of them.

Defenestration: facebook | bandcamp

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