Review: Spreading the Disease – Insurrection

I’ve been sat on this one for a while as things have been manic-hectic-mental around Moshville Towers and as such, it’s already out. However, that’s no reason not to tell people about Insurrection, especially when it’s definitely something that’s deserving of their attention.

We originally came across Spreading the Disease at the end of 2015 when we featured them as a Band of the Day. I guess you’d describe them as a “modern” metal band. Hard, heavy and with bits and pieces from all over. Hardcore, punk, nu-metal, melodic death and an edge of industrial… all wrapped up in the occasional foray into other territories because why not?

Insurrection is one step in Spreading the Disease’s big plan. A band with a mission, they know they have to be hitting all the targets square on to achieve it and with Insurrection they’ve scored a bullseye. With an Exocet.

Opener “Find My Path” totally wrong-foots the listener. A peaceful, plunky acoustic opening builds slowly, not into the heavy rocker you’d expect through the first twenty seconds, but to a crushing post-hardcore number filled with angst and anger.

Then there’s the track that bears the band’s name. Twin vocals, a banging rhythm and a flurried guitar solo in the middle that sounds like someone introduced Chuck Berry to heavy metal. This gives way to current single “Greed” (video below) with an intro that bears a passing similarity to Annihilator’s “King of the Kill” if it was coated in concrete.

Love/Hate could have written the intro to “Whores of War”, but Jizzy and his old friends never penned anything as heavy as the rest of the track turns out to be, though it’s still a sidestep compared to other tracks on here. The obviously topical “Brexit Wounds” throws some funky rap sounds into the mix and works really well.

Listening through Insurrection, you can’t help but feel that Spreading The Disease are still experimenting, trying to nail down “their” sound… or perhaps their sound just simply is never going to be so easily defined. If this is the case, then I’m all for it. This is an album with many personalities, and all of them want to be heard. Fortunately they’re all saying something worth listening to.

Spreading The Disease: official | facebook | twitter | instagramsoundcloud | youtube

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