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Review: Lightscape – Circles

Sometimes, an abundance of nonsensical barbarianism in the form of death metal can weigh you down and leave you feeling a little worn out; after all, you can only take so many guttural screams before you need a break. It’s a good thing that Lightscape have your back then, having created a sound which is not only entirely melodic, but damn catchy too. The former Band of the Day are on the cusp of releasing their new EP, Circles, a collection of harmonious guitar riffs, clean singing, and just a dash of synthesizers thrown in for good measure. Due to this, in a culture where ‘bigger, heavier, faster’ is often the norm, Circles stands out, acting as a breath of fresh air, allowing you to relax and listen with ease, without being battered in to submission.

The EP itself is absolutely loaded with major-key melodies, creating a generally upbeat and positive sound, which pairs well with the melancholic vocals, something which is perhaps to be expected from the alternative rock scene, though often not orchestrated to such an effect. What is meant by this is that, when the moody lyrics and the optimistic music is combined together, a powerful wall of sound is created, a skyscraper of musical prowess which surrounds your entire being. “By Design” acts as an excellent example of this. After a deliberately slow and subtle intro, constructed simply of a continual EDM-style beat and gentle vocals, the entire band flare in to life like a match being struck. The strum of a guitar and growing drumbeat mark the true beginning of Circles, as now the entire band have collected as one, creating a tight-knit, melodic rock track which awes the listener.

The electronica influence on Circles is obvious through the continual use of synths, the use of which helps add something extra to the EP, rather than simply another alt-rock release. The use is subtle, often appearing only as if it were part of the percussion ensemble, creating the building blocks to the tracks, though has a prominent featuring on tracks “More To Life” and title track “Circles”. The synthesized sound is used sparingly though, meaning that Circles is still definitely a rock release, but has something of an edge to it, allowing the EP to have a uniqueness to it.

Lightscape have got to be one of the hardest working young bands in the country nowadays, and one which definitely deserve all of the positive attention they receive. Circles is simply yet another example of the progression which Lightscape are making as a group; a bold new release which proves that the band are continually growing, and finding their true sound.

Circles is out on the 1st of December, just in time for Christmas, and can be pre-ordered from [amazon text=Amazon&asin=B076HHNLH5].

Lightscape: official | facebook | twitter | instagram | youtube

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