Review: Savage Annihilation – Quand S’abaisse La Croix Du Blasphème

You know when you are in the mood where you just hate the world and are angry at everything and have no way of releasing this pent up aggression in a safe way? The times where you have gone beyond caring, your head’s bursting at the seams and just wants to explode? That’s when you need a band like Savage Annihilation. Although the name suggests just noise, brutality and chaos, Savage Annihilation bring all of that but also have well written leads, swirling and chugging riffs and gruff vocals that will please all their listeners.

Savage Annihilation is the latest French band to be signed up to XenoKorp label in France with the aim of revitalising the French scene.  Opening with “Dévorante dégénérescence anthropophage”, Savage Annihilation unleash their early Morbid Angel worship and hints of Immolation but adding their own ingredients to the mix.  The material is mostly of the fast variety but I wouldn’t classify it as brutal death metal, more death metal of the fast variety. There are a lot of free flowing riffs and swirling leads that are very nicely composed making this what can sometimes just be a lot of noise mashed together if done wrongly. Savage Annihilation though have composed this correctly and therefore it all makes sense when put together in this way. A very enjoyable start to the album.

“Par-delà les dunes de cadavers” is next and with this track there is much more variety in terms of the pace of the song. In-between the blasts and solos, there are slow chugging riffs again and with this song, the bass from Benoit can clearly be heard throughout, as is not drowned out by the guitars and drums. Speaking of the drums, we have a very competent drummer in Mike who likes his blasts but also shows that he can use every piece in his drum kit with aplomb. I do like the vocals of Dave very much and I think they are of a perfect style to match the savagery on show here. Sometimes they are reminiscent of Dave Vincent era Altars of Madness.  Savage Annihilation like to keep the song length varied ranging from three to over eight minutes, so they know how to keep the listener intrigued by adding deft solos here and there and much slower parts.  They are aware that you cannot have eight minutes of total speed and blasts, so they mix things up really well. At points they are also reminiscent of Nile, so all things are positive for this so far.

Title track “Quand s’abaisse la croix du blaspheme” is next and there are more Morbid Angel and Immolation style riffs and speed bursts that are beautifully constructed showcasing their musicianship. There is a lot of old school death metal in this album which the old and new school death metal fans should love and appreciate. The sound is dirty which depending if you like your sound raw or showered in technical gadgets, will please the old school listener rather than the new. The pace changes from blasts to groove to blasts which take some expertise, which Savage Annihilation have in spades. This is another eight minute cracker of a song.

“Organe Apres Organe” is next with more of the same controlled blasting and swirling riffs. What with intricate leads amongst the swirling riffs, this is another deft touch by the band, mixing brutality with melody. There is more of an old school feel here and that’s what I like. “Hyrreit” is next and is more fast tempo savagery but this is not just noise, as this is perfectly controlled aggression by the band. I got more of the Morbid Angel feel again with this track and this track contains the best leads throughout the whole album.

Ending with “Le Tombeau de l atrocite” ends this 34 minute album with female vocals, bringing mercy to the ears of the listener but instead of pulling the disc out the machine, you find that you want to play this album once again rather than give your ears some mercy. Like I said, when you are pissed off, this is when you need a band like Savage Annihilation so that you can expel that anger. Along with my next review, Savage Annihilation show that there is a burgeoning French scene. You just have to look for it.

Quand s’abaisse la croix du blaspheme is out now

Savage Annihilation: official | facebook | bandcamp

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